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The Long Dark Find Firewood The Gray Mother in Milton Town

Complete the mission of Milton town The Gray Mother: Stock firewood bin with stick, firewood, broken down furniture or a coal

Found Bank manager’s house key.
Opened casual safe
Found bank vault code in manager’s house
Killed rabbit

The Long Dark Follow the road Paradise Meadows Farm

Season One Wintermute
Follow the road, where does it go? Could Astrid have followed it?
Places found, location discovered:
The Church
Paradise Meadows Farm

The Long Dark Episode One Wintermute part 2 day 4

Day 4
Climbing out of the Ravine, search for food, explore the ravine

The Long Dark Episode One Wintermute part 1

Playing the new version of The long dark episode one wintermute. I survived for 4 days in this part.

Check part 2 for more –